Touchpad Basics Touchpad Basics The following items show you how to use the touchpad: Press down to lock the DIMM module in place. Remove the LCD Hinges 1. See the mouse user manual. Remove the HDD from the bay. Your computer is already properly configured and optimized, and you do not need to run this utility.

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Click Properties and select the Advanced Settings tab. The screen above is for your reference only.


EgEzEzg. Appendix C Online Support Information This section describes online technical support services available to help you repair your Acer Systems.

Repeat for the white antenna. External Mouse Failure If an external Mouse fails, perform emachines e442 ethernet controller following actions one at a time to correct the problem. Push the SD dummy card all the way in to eject it.

Remove the bracket from the HDD. Replacing xontroller SD emachines e442 ethernet controller card 1. Continue separating emachinws latches along the sides of the bezel working towards the top.

When the BIOS displays Verifying DMI pool data, it is checking the table correlates with the hardware before sending the information to the operating system Windows, etc. Troubleshooting, Common Problems Common Problems Use the following procedure as a guide for computer problems. Replace one 1 screw etjernet secure the USB board.

After the error is displayed, press Enter to proceed to the next screen. Power button Turns emachines e442 ethernet controller computer on and off. The outside housing and color may vary from the mass produced model. Replace the two 2 bezel screws. Remove the two screws securing the ODD bracket. Removing the SD Dummy Card 1.

EMachines E732 Service Manual

Observe the order of the sequence to avoid damage to any of the hardware components. Lift the lower cover from the device. Battery emachines e442 ethernet controller Locks the battery in position. Removing the USB Board 1. Drive Not Detected If Windows cannot detect the drive, perform the following actions one at a time to correct the problem. The model displayed in this service guide may differ in color to the one in your package. Repeat for the mainboard connector. The system information emachines e442 ethernet controller subject to different models.

When the process has completed, close all applications and reboot the system. Page 52 Chapter Unlock and disconnect the LVDS cable.

Separate the Bluetooth cable from the adhesive strip on the mainboard. Remove the two 2 bezel screws from the LCD modulele. Remove the LVDS cable from the cable guides.

There are two methods to do this. Page Chapter Replace the two 2 screws to secure the HDD emachines e442 ethernet controller. A progress screen will display the current state of BIOS flash cntroller. Connect the fan cable as shown. Tilt the upper cover upwards 1 and push down near the hinges to separate it from the LCD module 2.

Remove the two 2 screws from the bracket. Turn the computer over. Using the pull-tab, slide the HDD module in the direction of the arrow to connect the interface. Lift the keyboard clear of the emachines e442 ethernet controller. Slide and hold the battery release latch to the release position 1then lift out the battery pack from the main unit 2. Visually check them for damage.