World-class scanning technology demands world-class scanner support. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Page Symptom 8 Multifeeds occur fruequently. For example, this may prevent the scanner from pausing when scanning double-sided color A3 documents at resolutions higher than dpi. Third, press the [Send to] button. Thin Paper Mode 8. Millimeters, Inches, and Pixels are available [Filter] tab Select this tab for setting the image processing filter s.

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Page Start up di-4120c Scanner Confirm if the scanner is connected correctly to the PC, then power on the scanner. Starting Scanning With Button 2. The following describes the procedure with examples of QuickScan for ordinary scanning by using this driver software. Page 78 [Gamma] tab Pattern Specifies how to correct Gamma.

Page Clean the Pick roller and the rubber surface of the Separator rollers using the cleaner F1. Select the [Rotation] tab, and then select [Automatic] under [Rotation Degree]. A damaged Fi-4102c cable might cause fire or electric shock. Start up fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit scanner driver. When function is activated, a message will be displayed and the scanning interrupted in case a Multifeed has been detected.

Displays scanned images on fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit eindows. Pick roller Separator roller Roller cover It may take long before the cleaner vaporizes if a large quantity is used. The fiC is an image scanner designed to scan various documents in large quantities. You can save the changed settings as a Setting File.

Remove both, the left and the right rollers.

How to Fix the 51.20 Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350 Printer

Brake roller Install the new Brake roller. Select the scan resolution, document size etc. Replace the consumable as soon as possible.

Hopper extension Restore the original position of the hopper if the height of Hopper is adjusted. Find installation guides, technical data, parts numbers for scanner consumables, and more via the menu below.

Replacing The Brake Roller 5. Low, Mid, High Emphasizes the contour of images. Adjusts the horizontal Offset. About this manual The manual provides the following information. The print cartridge is a consumable for widnows imprinter option sold separately.


When Kofax VRS is not used, this setting is grayed out. Press any button except the Power button. You can specify the area to be scanned. Flip up the fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit switch on the front side of the side guide to lock it.

Opening And Closing Adf 2. Start up via Scanner Confirm if the scanner is connected correctly to the PC, then power on the scanner.

Specifies side s to which you want to apply the settings made on this window. Descriptions Lights only one time upon fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit on the scanner.

Impressum Kontakt Datenschutz Nutzungsbedingungen Sitemap. Otherwise you can not continue scanning after a multifeed error. Display Meaning Solution The paper feeding stopped to protect jammed 1.

Scanning with default settings may yield unexpected results. Paper Jam Detection 8. When scanning is done, click the [Close] button. Only the document will bear the string of your choice name, date, serial number etc. Specify the compression level and image quality. Do not touch the Power cable with wet hands. Select one fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit the following options and click the [OK] button. Stacker side guide For aligning ejected documents to a certain width. Page Separation roller Unless otherwise specified, the background color is white.

Wineows Document Jams windoww. Be careful not to get burned. Thin Paper Hit 8. Remove the fi-4120c windows 7 64 bit documents. Select [Select Source] from the [Scan] menu.