Processor Supported The driver is only provided for x86 platform. To make a very low mouse speed set: Connected to USB device with com-usb interface barcode scanner, receipt printer, scales etc. Parameter turnoffmenu After disconnecting from terminal server terminal automatically connects to server again. Supported only by Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Server r2 and newer: Possible values – from to User notes known deviations Cold Reset Delay Option is not used by the driver.

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To turn on debug information logging specify in configuration file:. Gempuls possible values gemplus gempc twin listed below. Protocol is specified only once. Manufacturer website shows NO Mac compatibility.


The driver is only provided for x86 platform. Used only for work with ViTerminal servers.

Name length must be not more than 15 symbols! To turn on debug information logging specify in configuration file: Use Windows group policy or special software for gemplus gempc twin restrictions.

If you need any other program to start instead of desktop, use shell parameter. Troubleshooting When an USB composite device, such as a keyboard with an embbeded smart card, is plugged, only one USB device is functionnal.

File with gemplus gempc twin contacts should have the same structure as contacts. Don’t allow users to access terminal disks without extreme necessity. If gemplus gempc twin know terminal IP, you can connect to it by browser and see settings, configuration file, log and other terminal information. In configuration file specify: Parameter printer There are three ways of using printer that is connected to terminal.

For each printer specify how it connected to terminal. If needed Chrome setting is not in Gemplus gempc twin configuration file, you are to create your own profile and use it instead of default profile. For example, set COM Energy saving mode can be Poweroff, Stand-by, Suspend. Then on the terminal server such device is available as COM-port device.

Readme for USB CCID PC/SC driver for Windows CE 4.x And 5.0.

You should specify real screen resolution, the same as specified in monitor documentation: And gemplus gempc twin when it failes to connect to all listed servers, terminal returns an error. To configure video it’s better to use video configuration wizard.

For testing and tuning there’s linphonec command line. To change text message specify: To set another key sequence specify in configuration file: To change it specify: Terminal searches for configuration file in Everyone directory: Thus Citrix Metaframe Seamless Windows mode can be easily emulated.

As a result sound is tsin faster then gemplus gempc twin should be. If your Mac is having problems with gemplus gempc twin reader, you will need to update it using a Windows computer or Bootcamped Mac. Like most websites, we use cookies here, but we don’t share your information. Parameter shell Usually terminal server starts explorer when user connects.


Parameter background Gemplu can specify different background colors for menus of different screens. This parameter is used for domain, login, password input in WTware interface and only when language parameter specified.

Compression decreases terminal performance in local networks. Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list? Then terminal will try to connect to each server from the list. While using terminal gemplus gempc twin and CD-s user should connect and disconnect gemplus gempc twin manually.

Use at own risk. Th is reader will show up as an SCRv2 gsmplus device manager. According to the Identive’s driver download page, it will gemplus gempc twin work on anything newer than XP. Next configuration file line allows connection to terminal gemplue VNC from any computer: Follow guidance in this PDF. For example, this line creates menu with gemplus gempc twin items users vasja and peter from DOMAIN2, basil’s password is ‘joke’, john’s password is ‘1’: Timezone In configuration file UTC Then use directory parameter.