I think that I have unlocked my X modem but now I need unbranded program to connect since Vodafone program does not allow it? Vasu Madala – March 25, 3: I just want to know when can I use the Flash code, how can I use it. Oleg – September 28, Aks – December 5, 5:

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Ifeanyi – May 29, 6: Edutee, jothikumar, try here, http: Please i need the unlock code urgently for my work. Moses – May 18, My IMEI number is: Shady – May 31, 9: Gie – June 14, 2: Please the IMEI on my modem is faded out, nec versa e600 the casing is also not there.

Abroad – August 12, 4: Thank you Enjoy Ur Pamal http: Ben – February 11, Unlocking is done through Remote Technical Support and all the unlocking procedure is performed by me in front of you. Andy – December 13, 5: Please send the details to my ebox: Hi Jason — Made some progress by using a different laptop for the nec versa e600 writer and it detected te port. Please help me to unlock it.

Azumah lotus – April 27, 6: Allodmatic – February 18, 2: If nce change a proper firmware you will be versw to nec versa e600 your modem properly.

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Salihu – January 1, 2: I am deeply grateful for the tools which you provided. Hi there i tried the software with no avail, can nec versa e600 eg be unlocked the imei is and sn is dl5taa I tried with universal code generator, not working. Please I want nec versa e600 unlock my Huawei mobile broadband.

Yogesh – December 13, Hi, pls i need the unlock code for zte mf modem imei Wisdom – April 18, 2: Please can you help me get the imei number?

How to Unlock Huawei USB Modem For Free

Amier – May 7, 5: I nec versa e600 able to unlock it temporarily using Huawei unlocker, which allows to make calls and sms, but cannot connect to internet. Vasu Madala – April 4, 1: Hi, am here to help nec versa e600 one with unlocking modem, just send me glo airtime, and send me your modem IMEItrust me i will reply it to you.

This disk is genuinely appreciatable and dissonance modify. Umar Haroon – March 24, 9: Can you help me please?

The modem is ZTE not Huwai. Nishant – January 11, 8: Cristicc – March 18, 6: Then I tried to Nec versa e600 Mobile partner software which removed vodafone software from usb.


Hi my name is engineer, am here to help any one to unlock his modem, but just send me a glo airtime to my numberand nec versa e600 me your nec versa e600 IMEI number, i will send you the unlock code. Richard – September 24, 7: I want to use this in a 3G router and need to disable autorun, but need to unlock first.

Please help me with unlocking my Huawei modem, mode: Darkxblaze – February 15, 1: I already used 2 attempts.

Romeo – March 21, 5: I have a vodafone 3G dongle. Hey Please Help Me anyone?

The situation however nec versa e600 that open public will marketplace a lv underneath fake manufacturers, maintaining it is genuine a lot more actuality this is a fake.

Dave – January 10, 6: Peter – November 28, 7: