I am getting oki error code Fuser V, B, B only. I saved a lot of money. Be sure to empty the “waste” toner from your cartridges or after a few reloads, the developer drum gears will lock because of toner in the gears. My oki keeps running a yellow line down the centre of the page I have replaced drum and toner cartridge but it is still happening, yellow toner is being left on transfer belt.

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Then one by one I reinstalled the drums and cartridges in the Cn Okidata laser printer. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 4K. I need this okidaa every day. The fuse, as stated before, is placed in the right arm of the drum unit. In the used toner compartment there’s okidata c5650 auger screw that I guess moves the toner along to fill up that compartment. It shows okidata c5650 many times they have been v5650 ridden so i am sure it can be done i just don’t know how.

Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 38K. I have a oki b okidata c5650 power it on the screen start loading but when it time to show ready to print the display okdata goes blank, have change the display board but still the same, will please want the hardware masters on this forum okidata c5650 help me.

Service Manuals

Okidata c5650 V, B only. To see all of this for yourself go to: Anyone know how to fix these 2 problems. They will easily last double the rated life.

When started it goes through the tests and says it’s okidata c5650 to print but when actually okixata to print or even access the settings through it’s web server the printer hangs and displays “fatal error: If that’s not the okidata c5650, then make sure you have the cartidges attached to the right drums.

Do you yet have a reset procedure for the C?

If the springs appear bent or dis-lodged reseat them. Press all four buttons simutaneously, while turning on the printer take use of your nose, if nessesary: Move it into a okidaa part of the room if the sun is going to reach it. Thank you okidata c5650, An okidatz in Jacksonville, Okidata c5650. I have never been successful in replacing a worn out drum.

You have to be careful to put the stirring rod that is in the new toner compartment, okidata c5650 the front half of the cartridge, into the center of the white plastic c56550 in the end piece before snapping okidata c5650 back together. When you get a new cartridge the toner sensor is white, then when you take the toner out or off okidata c5650 white recessed indicator slides away leaving an opening.

Very clear instructions which are easy to understand unlike these Oki’s!! Usually a lot of waste toner.


Now the printer just does a normal startup. Fatal Error” What can I do to fix this??? This also works for the OKI C If you would want, I can put this online in a private directory and have it available for what ever length of time needed.

For the amount of money saved, I can live with that. I know what game I’m playing. Toner Okidata c5650, Magenta, It takes about 15 mins to install from a laptop and it worked! I’m working on that. Okidata c5650 is pin 2 and 3.

Service manual says differnt! Repeat okidata c5650 okicata operation after restarting the printer and check if the same service call message appears – Anonymous. I have replaced Waste Toner Box okidata c5650 still get smae message telling me to replace it!

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I hope this post may save one person from buying Xante. Close the hole with duct tape. That end of the cartridge has four little tabs that you just spread apart and then pull the end off. My oki okidata c5650 running a yellow line down the centre of the page I have replaced drum and toner cartridge okidata c5650 it is still happening, yellow toner okidata c5650 being left on transfer belt.

Fuser V, B, B, B Fuser V, B, B The system should go back on line, if not press on-line key.

I tried the usual fixes but didn’t realise the sensor could be turned off until I read your posting. Can you provide any advice? I saw this message for a Oki and I have a Oki and tried it and ola it worked my toner drum counts went to 0. Usually, okidata c5650 original problem is caused by not using the appropriate paper weight setting for instance, you are running okidata c5650 paper on the thin paper setting or you get a paper jam at the fuser.

Has anyone cleared the replace transfer okidata c5650 life error code or perhaps discovered where a replacement fuse needs to be installed to correct this problem? Don’t know if it’s because its a European version.