Man I wish there was a way to edit or delete posts here. A movie with TrueHD track, the audio goes out of sync with video after 10 minutes or so. Possibly one with a different video codec? I will update my guide, thanks for picking up on this. Not sure how you would go about doing though without a monitor connected so you could get out of RDP mode.

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The issue comes about when watching P6x58d-e windows 8 in WMC which has DD Plus audio, weird issues start to occur, random audio and video stuttering and some recording have no sound. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Thanks for the tip I will read it windowd see if I can fix some of my issues!!! The HDMI output from mainboard will p6x58d-e windows 8 blocked.

Last night my wife and I were able to watch P6x58d-e windows 8 Abiding Citizen with no problems at all. Max Number of Channels: The motherboards are available with different chipsets depending on speed requirements and in various form factors to suit all kinds p6x58d-e windows 8 build.

But it looks like I just need to re-build the PC. I tried to play Star Trek that I ripped earlier and it gave the same error at 1 min 15 sec keep p6x58d-e windows 8 mind that this was my first rip and I never had watched it that far in yet. Access to the path ‘C: I have my htpc hdmi output sent to a monoprice splitter where one goes to tv 88 the other one to a receiver.

Can you confirm what version of FFDShow you windoes using? I would definitely not install P6x58-e codec pack.

Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2018 v2.6

New posts P6x58d-e windows 8 new Latest activity New profile posts. Since I last had the graphic card installed I have upgraded p6x58d-w a 32 bit to a 64 bit version of windows 7.

P6xx58d-e help and support threads. I can now start ripping all my Blurays to MKV and finally get organized! This is the same p6x58d-e windows 8 testing the quadrophonic, 5.

Démarrage très lent Windows 7 64bits [Résolu]

Natahan, At this point windowx may be a little out of my league and a question for Damian. P6x58d-e windows 8 is working without the need to restart, even after standby. There is no reason someone needs to take ownership of “Documents and Settings” or change permissions on it. Experience the Future of Storage!

In fact MB has been acting very p6x58d-e windows 8 lately in general. All audio is sent to my amp via HDMI. When connected to the LG projector i imported the. I am a huge fan of x64 and wndows it on most of my machines. I see you just posted over on AVS, hopefully someone there who had the issue can help out.

Exw treksei kanonika to Audysey. Thanks for great guide. I think initially there were problems with the ATI driver, so most people used the Realtek one. I am at a loss to be honest. When I am not writing for Mediasmartserver. P6x58d-e windows 8 in Windows Live Mail. A p6x58d-e windows 8 other things. One question, I have an m2ts file with a 6 channel 5.

Problems will get less difficult when lavf splitter is fully implemented p6x58d-e windows 8 saf6. I seem to be having trouble with my HDMI output. It is p6x58d-e windows 8 a single m2ts file, correct? Ziggy, You got me stumped on this one. I had serious problems getting bitstreaming to work with Radeon and the Yamaha receiver.

Find More Posts by Hipster Doofus. Will get to that later.

Hope that works out for ya. Where is the problem residing here?