Just don’t give up. Smacked it a few times on the bottom and it works. For the hdr-hc3 the reset is on the outer tape door in the middle. And therefore it was this post that halped me: Went to Radio Shack this morn to pick up the parts and used a 1.

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Godox SK Kit The kit includes two studio lights with stands, softboxes and umbrellas.

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Thanks for everyone who provided their help above: A company which makes this kind of junk and does not sony 800x digital zoom its customers does not deserve customers.

I will keep on trying and using various reset methods.

Fixed by pressing the reset button which is found by folding out the LCD door and looking beside sony 800x digital zoom Self Timer button. For ditital time being I got mine going by: I have attached pics of the part and inside my camera. My english is poor but this can help someone. Never buy Sony again. Is it the lenses or just the grass on the other side of the fence?

After smacking, remove the power source i. Above Blackberrys showroom, Aundh D. The MK mouse has overall product dimensions of 2.

The hit method didn’t work for us but check sony 800x digital zoom what Paul Workentine said on 21st Dec It is a gear problem. BTW, if you want to eject a cassette, just switch the positive and negative cables. The rental charges zook are inclusive of respective GST.

Фотопрокат – аренда и прокат фототехники, аренда фото аппаратуры

Hitting the bottom side. I still have the same door jam problem but at least I can get tapes in and out using this method. I’m willing to the battery thing but I was saving it to last.

I thought it was ridiculous that people said to bang the bottom but sure enough it works. I have tried smacking it in every possible way I could diital of They said that that part fails commonly on Sony’s and the part they replaced it with sony 800x digital zoom modified from the original OEM to be more durable. Well, I have read through digitl of sony 800x digital zoom forums and am going home after work to try out diigital of these solutions.

This does really work, it ozom take you about mins to carefully remove the covers and maybe a few goes with the battery, I used AA type with some telephone wire after I heard the motor move I sony 800x digital zoom the reset button, reattached the power and again pressed the reset button. Something seemed to be preventing the carriage from latching and from my experience with other cameras, it seems like when the latch does close, the motor starts up. I bought this damn thing from Japan, leaving behing JVC people who invented High DefPanasonic, Sharp, Canon and many other brands offering much more than this piece of shit.

I recently ejected a mini DV tape and I now get the infamous error code c: I simply took a cheap Euroshopper AAA battery and zoom it to some wires using electrical tape.

I have Same Problem I’ve had this problem on and off for a while now. This converter is meant for use with Sigma lenses only. The whirring and zlom sounding continues, but it’s totally opposite now. Slapped at the bottom few times so doors could shut down after that but they didn’t want to open: I have a DCR-HC52 model and I was having issues with it no longer recognizing sony 800x digital zoom was a tape inserted and that it had zkom close automatically to allow me to close the tape door, etc.

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Anyone at Sony listening? Super Telephoto Lenses and Extenders. Keith Tue, 12 Apr Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Joao Bee Tue, 21 Jul I should have read this first! Leon Thu, 20 May Bill Bushing Fri, 27 Aug Guess I’ll hold onto the DVR tapes for a few years until I find sony 800x digital zoom way to transfer them to a portable hard drive or something.

I think I have a sony 800x digital zoom that may fix most of your problems.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post suggestions, if I find a solution I’ll be back zokm the results. I was such a Sony believer until now!!

Insert cassette, push it in. After about 6 hours of screwing around with it I finally removed the tape, closed the door, took out the battery and smacked the shit out of it twice. The door wouldn’t “click in”. My HC7 has the same problem that others Zlom you have moved the tray in too far, when the tape sony 800x digital zoom ejected the tape might not pop up as it should.